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Library Web Quest weeks 1 to 3

Posted by andrewey on June 30, 2008

This is the first instalment of my reflective blog on the library Web Quest (which lasts for 8 weeks) I am undertaking to improve my knowledge of Web 2.0 resources.

Week 1 Introduction

Web 2.0 videos

I didn’t find Tim O’Reilly’s explanation very helpful – surely ‘users add value’ is an outcome rather than a definition of Web 2.0?

I really like the ‘Machine is using us’ – even though I’d seen it before. A very good ‘taster’ for Web 2.0 (classic ’selling the sizzle’ rather than ’selling the sausage’).

‘What is Web 2.0′ was more about ’selling the sausage’ and was a good overview – if a little long. The opening titles are terrible despite the tango music.

Wasn’t impressed with ‘Web 2.0 a brief introduction’. The imagery was a bit confusing – half way through it seemed to turn into an ipod commercial – and I didn’t like the music.

Week 2 Blogs

I now understand how blogs are structured in terms of the fact that they are not organised like you would a library website (eg by pages and subject grouping).

Tags and categories are a good way of organising information. I particularly like the fact you can have two (or more) words in a tag on the blog unlike other Web 2.0 resources which require you to use underscores etc.

Widgets seem fairly easy to use and I’ve already created one of my own by copying code from another website.

I can see the blog being a useful place to store information I come across – whether it is spoken, a file or a website. This makes it more useful than say which of course I can only add websites to.

Week 3

I already use igoogle to make use of my bookmarks across PCs. I can see as being more versatile in terms of creating virtual reading lists as suggested on the Web Quest video  (what is it with adding random bits of music – jazz this time – to these things?). also allows you to see what others have linked to – a facility  I had already used.

 Roll on week 4


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