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Library Web Quest week 8 Facebook

Posted by andrewey on August 4, 2008

The last week of our Web Quest (based loosely on PLCMC‘s established Learning 2.0 programme). Library staff have now completed exercises on the following Web 2.0 technologies:

  • Blogs (WordPress)
  • Photo Sharing (Flickr)
  • Social Bookmarking (
  • Wikis (PBWiki)
  • RSS Feeds/Aggregators (Pageflakes)
  • Video sharing (YouTube)
  • Social networks (Facebook)

The Web Quest will be made available to library staff in Wales (and anyone else who’s interested) as a Wiki with support material available publicly through Moodle. The Web Quest can be completed as a weekly task (as we have done)  – if the library has someone to act as administrator – or at your own pace simply by working through the wiki.

In Facebook we have created a group for the library staff at Coleg Llandrillo. This will probably be used as an alternative method of communication to e-mail.

I’m debating setting up a page for this blog on the Facebook Blog Network (an application I picked up on at Joeyanne Libraryanne). The idea is that having a blog presence on Facebook will boost your readership numbers. I’m not convinced this is true where library blogs are concerned because you have to be a member of the blog network to access the blogs. This suggests that only other bloggers are likely to come across your Facebook page and, if interested, they would probably have come across your blog in the normal fashion anyway.

There are a number of library groups on Facebook relevant to FE, including CoFHE and UC&R. It would appear that the groups are primarily using Facebook to promote events at present.

If your library is using Facebook please leave a comment on how it is being used here.


2 Responses to “Library Web Quest week 8 Facebook”

  1. Jo Alcock said

    Hi Andrew, I don’t imagine that having a blog presence in Facebook will boost readership necessarily, but I always think it’s worth having it there as it’s so easy to do. Personally, I’m interested to find out who reads my blog so that’s the main reason I’ve added mine (although I only have one reader on there so far!). You don’t have to be a blogger to add the Facebook Blog Networks but I guess you do have to already be interested in reading them otherwise you wouldn’t add the application.

    As for uses of Facebook in libraries, we have a Facebook page for University of Wolverhampton Learning Centres. It’s mainly used as an avenue to help promote our services – students can join as “fans” which means they’ll receive updates in their Facebook account. It can also act as a portal as it contains links to all the relevant sections of our website.

  2. andrewey said

    Jo, thanks for the comment – yes I can see the advantage of knowing your readership.

    We already have a college page on Facebook, with a link to the library blog on it but perhaps we need a separate library page as well.

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