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Librarian 2.0 skill set

Posted by andrewey on August 21, 2008

So what skills should Librarian 2.0 possess? David Lee King has compiled a list of mainly technical competencies that library staff should acquire to become Librarian 2.0. Most of these can be acquired fairly easily and quickly by staff following a Learning 2.0 or Web quest programme so it is certainly not the case that library services should be put off developing Web 2.0 services because of a lack of staff expertise.

The skills listed require, in the most part, only a rudimentary knowledge of the technologies eg making blog posts, explaining RSS, uploading files. The only higher level skills are a fairly basic knowledge of HTML, which staff with any experience in writing web pages probably already have, and the creation of multimedia content. Even without any prior knowledge of HTML staff can quickly pick up a working knowledge by following free online tutorials or a text book. Most staff are probably familiar with digital photography even if they have not used editing software (which as mentioned in earlier posts does not have to be that sophisticated).

It is in the less tangible skills that David Lee King identifies that the real strengths of Librarian 2.0 reside ie knowing how Web 2.0 services can be applied to a library service, understanding how they can be used to compliment traditional services and how to ‘tell the library’s story’ through a variety of media. These skills can be learnt by enabling staff to experiment with Web 2.0 technologies to see how they work, how they can be used in a library context and how to enhance library services through the use of multimedia. I would argue that it is only through experimenting with Web 2.0 tools that their library potential will become apparent.

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