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The impact of ‘helicopter’ parents on academic libraries

Posted by andrewey on September 10, 2008

There was an article in today’s GuardianUmbilical cords just got longer‘, 10 Sept 2008, about the rise of ‘helicopter’ parents after UCAS announced that parents can now become their child’s ‘agent’ when applying for university. This made me think of Meredith Farkas’ example of Rochester University, in her Building academic library 2.0 presentation, which had carried out some research that showed that students tend to consult their parents first for advice when undertaking assignments. Consequently the university library service offers a library ‘orientation breakfast’ for parents to promote the library’s services. If the Guardian article is correct in saying that this parenting trend is even more prevalent in the UK, than the US, then perhaps we should also be marketing our library services directly to parents?


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