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Self Assessment toolkit for FE Learning Resource Services (update)

Posted by andrewey on November 27, 2008

A couple of corrections have been made to the toolkit – to standardise the title and to remove references to the Library Resource Manager being on the Senior Management Team of the college (now just reads College Management Team). The updated version should appear on the CoFHE website shortly.

Now that the toolkit has been finalised the printed version should be circulated early in the new year – the plan is to provide ample copies to each FE institution in England for distribution to LRS staff and other college managers.

Dissemination events are taking place. Feedback from the recent event in the north west (20 November at Wirral Metropolitan College) was very positive. There was a feeling that guidance notes and possibly proformas should be made available on the CoFHE website – this will be discussed at the next CoFHE National Committee meeting. Colleges also found that working through the toolkit with LRS staff from other institutions proved beneficial.

A dissemination event also took place in London on 14 November – I’ve not heard any feedback from that event yet. The next dissemination event takes place in Wolverhampton on Friday 5 December – organised by JISC-RSC West Midlands. An event is also planned for the south west (waiting confirmation of date/venue of that one).

If you have any feedback on the toolkit or if you wish to promote (or feedback on) one of the dissemination events then please leave a comment.


6 Responses to “Self Assessment toolkit for FE Learning Resource Services (update)”

  1. Tom Roper said

    Dissemination event in London on 14 November? Do you know any more? In my role as Chair of the London and SE CoFHE Circle I’ve been in touch with the RSC Centre to try to plan a launch in the capital, but no date set yet.

  2. Tom Roper said

    Ah…hold on…that was the date of our last LASEC open meeting.But no launch there, I drew people’s attention to the toolkit, and said we were working with RSC to plan a launch event

  3. andrewey said


    Thanks, I was just going by the details of the event on the CoFHE website. Let me know when you intend to do the London launch.

  4. andrewey said

    The updated version of the toolkit has now been uploaded to the CoFHE website

  5. Tom Roper said

    Ha! We have a date: 29 March, at CILIP, Ridgmount Street. A way away, but gives us time to organise. May pick the brains of those who’ve organised other events

  6. Tom Roper said

    Spoke too soon…but it will be March.

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